Little Moments

Here goes the first post and hopefully it will be one of many that i have called "Little Moments".
We went to the beach for the second weekend in a row, which has been incredibly fun. but can we do it every weekend ?!On both occasions the beach was not in the slightest crowded which always a bonus.
We have also been going on many walks. there it's just something so refreshing about getting out of the house early in the morning before the sun fully comes out. also after a good morning walk i always feel as i can accomplish absolutely anything. Which for me means making a great smoothie and taking out my watercolor brushes & paints then working on homework. 

The prints below are a few out of many i have created recently. i just started a new art journal which should be really fun to fill up with all sorts of colorful things. 

"stay humble" reminds me to stay true to myself no matter what comes at me each day. i absolutely love how all the lines turned out in the above print. 
"we are too blessed to be stressed" is a daily battle for me, one that i've been working on for a while. i noticed that i made a mistake the first "to" & it should be "too". my favorite part about this is the blue tints that are accompanied by the small bits of black.

Smiles by Karina

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