Perfect summer sandals & nail polish

Hello everyone! These first sandals are an essential in my wardrobe, as of recently I've been using these a lot because of the sparkly details makes it easy to use from day to night outfits A week ago i went to a engagement party & the requested attire was "elegantly casual". side note: ** distinguishing attires are amongst the most difficult things for me ** So for this occasion i wore these sandals used the color Fiji by Essie. As to what i wore with the shoes was this shift dress by Lilly Pulitzer luckily it fit very comfortably. 

The two-toned flat is a casual shoe that will help you seem effortless as long as you keep the rest of your outfit on the simple side. If you still need a pop of color a true pink will do just the trick. 

The lace up leopard sandals are a super fun option to have, to tie it all together pair this cute sandal with an orange and you are ready to go.  

Well here you go! When going shopping i like to categorize my must-haves by price: for me the higher the price of something should be easily transitioned through the upcoming seasons. Make sure you give your reaction down below i would greatly appreciate it. Have a great Memorial weekend! 

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