a few moments over the weekend


stacking bracelets is super fun, here i stacked a bunch of sliver finish dainty bracelets. 3 of them are Alex and Ani made here in the USA, the blue Cinderella one is my favorite (this silhouette style was limited edition & is sold out, but i found some here). the nautical & oyster bracelets on spring break vacation.

a few months ago i started keep to few a orchids, because i enjoyed it so much we revamped our garden. i've discovered i love it, so it's my new hobby (i know what a 20 yr old liking gardening?! yup thats me! ha ha) so i've decided to bring more of into my home. shown in this post i planted some jalapeño seeds & one avocado seed, hopefully my green thumb will come through!!

i recently shared a few bits of my home, that featured many of my very own creations. including a monochromatic, orange, & geometrical piece displayed in my dining room. i loved how that one turned out so i decided to give the style another go with a different monochromatic colors. i know it still needs a little touch ups here and there but this is what it ended up looking like. 

i love this plant! i'm debating whether or not i should replant this or not.

new red plaid print. this is the original watercolor i used in one of my summer casual outfit posts. do you like? i like! :)

Scrapbooking! another of my favorite hobbies! it's so fun to start from a blank boring page & to turn it into something with meaning. recently i've been trying the photo pocket plastic pages and i gotta say, i'm not really getting the hang of it. 

is this not the most bright and happy print or what!! once again another something to hang up on my walls... this colorful print was a souvenir from Eourpe that we received recently.

hope you all enjoy, thanks for reading, & be fearless!

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