July Fun Finds

Hello to all! Here is another Fun Finds for the month of July. This is a round up of a 7 cool & fun items I found on Etsy. For this time i decided to be on the look out for items that I would absolutely adore to have in my work area. As you can see all but one of the products is made out of wood.  

1. Harvest Paper CO shop based in Portland, Oregon that sells a great variety of paper goods such as cards, stamps, & pencils. These Girl Boss pencils have my heart, it just doesn't get any better than PINK pencils. Do you remember me Legally Blonde more specifically the scene where Elle Woods is in class & everything on her desk is pink well that's what these are for me.

2. BSIRIBIZ a shop based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This wooden calender will be a fun distraction on your desk but it will also do it's job.

3. Muse Alpha  is based in Boston, Massachusetts the owner considers herself a nomad traveling the world. She still manages to keep her shop listed with over 600 printable items, with instant downloadable files it becomes quick & easy to get a hold of your new purchase. Antique Pens is the print i featured up above, it's multicolored therefore it will be easier to fit in with my existing desk decor.

4. Uncommon is a shop based in Valparaiso, Indiana & own by Vincent and his wife Jessie they both are design full time, whose results are as they say "uncommon".  That is exactly what this modern wall clock in aqua is, it's vibrant color next to the plywood is nothing but refreshing.

5. Two Trees Botanical is based in Tempe, Arizona, Shannon the shop owner specializes in making unique & fun Planters & Terrariums. These tiny Natural Pod Planters can be purchased as a kit of 1, 2, or 3, pods that will arrive to your doorstep in the color of your choice (25 choices) it also includes, succulents, soil, instructions, & a care card to help you care for your new plant friends.

6. Eyal's Home Wood Decoration shop is from Tel Aviv, Israel. Just like this Upcycled Pencil Holder Eyal upcycles all wooden products in his shop.

7. The Woody Beckers a couple who base their business in San Diego, California. Lovely shop owners Quinn & Tracey make everything by hand including this Large Computer Stand.

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