My Home

Hello everyone! Today I'll be sharing an overview of my home & some of my favorite things around my home. I definitely like plenty of patterns, texture, & colorful items as you will be able to see throughout the images below! Most of the items throughout these images are pieces that i have made all on my own. The gardlands in the living room and in the bedroom are created by yours truly. Hope you enjoy these images as much as i enjoyed taking them! Feel free to inquiry about any specifics. 

The Lebo lost and found is one of the larger pieces that we have in our home & we proudly display it.  

Here are a few books that i have been frequenting lately. a photo idea book & Happy Handmade Home are both by the amazingly talented duo over at A Beautiful Mess. Keep & Find by Beci Orpin of whose home styling seems to be similar to my very own. The green book is my very own.  

Movies!! One of my favorite pass times. Some of my favorites are these & they include The Hunger Games, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Hotel Transylvania, & Man on Fire. Now I'm looking at this picture & I'm asking myself about that pink dumbbell, it works well to keep my movies upright but maybe i should start using it for it's purpose.  

At my bedside there is some of my fragrances & favorite Essie nail polishes. 

At my dining table i have a smaller gallery but still as beautiful! The orange piece is my newest creation is a monochromatic, the gradation in the shapes has a great color payoff. The i heart you frame was a DIY gift i made my fiance for Valentine's day.

We also made blueberry muffins earlier this morning, they where lovely! Hope you guys enjoyed seeing some parts of my home, if you are able to draw inspiration from my home onto your spaces i would love to see pictures of them!

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