Back to School | must haves!

It's back to school time! Is anyone as excited for this time of year as i am? For me personally i really enjoy going to classes, but i dont' get as excited for all the essays that's where we must be on the same page. haha. so in this post i will be sharing some of my must haves for back to school. When picking these products i kept three things in mind.

1. to stick to a color palette that would start to transition well from late summer into fall and eventually the winter season.

2. i live in Florida so the weather is relatively warmer through the end of the year as it is in the blazing hot months! therefore i tried to stick to items that would still be considered light weight rather than heavy & thick materials. 

3. when deciding on price ranges i like to purchase items that vary from super affordable to a bit of a splurge all while considering the wear i plan on getting these. like for example the fringe sandals are only $15. i figured it would be okay considering i always scuff sandals them terribly, i have no idea but it's on all of them! 

& the Dainty Bracelet are all from Nordstorm (My favorite store).

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