How Gardening Is Therapeutic For Me

This past week has been my first week back to school, & as much as i am enjoying being back at classes, study sessions, and constantly thinking about my courses in addition to planning a wedding. i am also trying my hardest at finding time to distress & unwind. Knowing how i react under pressure, this time i am considering all of the commitments that have undertaken and i have just been trying to take many deep breaths. In the hopes of trying to truly stay calm i have really taken to gardening, & i have to say i am really glad we planted an avocado and chiles because it has become an outdoor activity in which i am to put my attention on. It's a reminder that irregardless of what circumstances might in there is these beautiful living plotted things that i have to nurture. My plants have been growing really fast i love taking care of them because they focus me. These plants have also been a unconscious test i have given myself that i am just realising right now and that is that if i can i can help my avocado and chile plants it will prove to myself that i in fact will be able to make everything work with my future life as a soon to be wife, mom, & full time student.  

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