Little Momemts

This banana bread is amazing!! it was my first time making banana bread and you are not going to believe me... it was also my first time tasting it! & all i keep thinking is "why had i not tried this before?" anyways making it was pretty easy, bake time was little over an hour (maybe i'll make a recipe post still debating it). 

i decided that my kitchen needed a little color so i decided to make this "Bake" placed in the little wall space i have in my kitchen. i love how this turned out because each time i look at it it will remind me of how much i love to spend time cooking & baking. i kind of consider it a hobby, & i mean "kind of" because i hardly ever try new recipes in addition to the banana bread posted up above.
This plant... i don't know what to do with it! the end of the leaves are turning brown, each day i look at it and it spreading. We have watered it, moved it to different spots around the house in hopes it will get better light. As you can see in My Home post that we use to have this plant in the living room next to the printer, but still nothing we have tired seems to be working. any advice? send me an email to here.

"Do what makes you happy" i feel like this one of the quotes i have everywhere in my home. Honestly it's something that i have to keep reminding myself about because it's one of the things i struggle the most with. We all have at least one thing that always hangs over us for me this is one of them. As you can see i am working on that. Let this be a reminder that your worst enemy is only your own judgement.

The old man and the sea, one of my favorite books. I've just started to reread it again.
Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

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