Pages From a Recent Memory Book

The days and weeks are zooming by and sometimes i just cant believe it. I'm sort of getting kind of nostalgic just thinking of the past years and especially the years i have spent with my fiance. Then i reflect on being away from my family and i wish i could go back in time and savor even more the times i have spent with them. All i can do in this very moment is be to be happy and look forward for when we are able to be reunited once again... December can you arrive a little faster?! And for those reasons is why i scrapbook from time to time.

These are few recent pages from a memory book i have been putting together. It's really colorful and all over the place but i love it. I think that for next time that I'm working on another scrapbook I'll plan on choosing a color palette from the very beginning instead of just picking items out of my supply room, hopefully I'll remember.

Happy Sunday!

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