Casual day out! | ootd

Hello everyone! I have been absent here on my blog and that is beacuse i have been going crazy trying to deal with a lof of things at the same time. Sometimes when i get a moment to sit down and relax i start to feel extremly depressed... maybe i'm just being a drama queen and taking things out of porotion, but i do turly think that this is my body/mind's way of telling me take a brake get rid of a few things out of the way. i just ramled and i did not inttend to. Anyways back onto this post! i have been taking Pure Barre classes for about a month now and in these pictures you can really tell how fit i had started getting. I am currently on a small brake from classes not because i don't like them but because it's super expensive!! who knew that being fit/healthy was going to make my wallet float away. get it? cause it's getting empty. hehe :)

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