Inexpensive Valentiens Day Gifts

As valentines day is approaching, I wanted to post something related to this holiday because why not. I personally think this day is so much fun and that it shouldn't be taken so seriously. Don't worry about how much your loved ones spent on a gift for you, but acknowledge the thought process there was behind the gift. Receiving something that you know someone has put a lot of time and effort into is something worth having.

My favorite part about receiving and giving gifts is the talking part I like to ask thing like, "What helped you decide on this color option? Did you have trouble thinking of ideas for this?" I like telling people why I choose that gift and the reasons why I thought it was the perfect thing for them.
1. Everyone loves snacks! So there is little room for error and you are almost guaranteed they will always be a hit. I just got some cookie dough fro the grocery store and i just put them in the oven and placed them into plastic inserts and tied a cute ribbon around it to help ensure that they stay fresh.
2. This second option is pretty much self explanatory but I still wanted to share them because I love how this turned out. This gift is actually one that I made for valentines day a few years ago for my then boyfriend which is now my hubby. I loved the idea of being able to personalize the frame and make it your own. I'm sure you can find many of these items already around your home an they can be easy to get and make from scratch. The frame I got from Michael's and I'm sure it was under $10. to fill the picture spaces I decided to use watercolor paint to spell out the " I " and "you" it was incredibly easy to do and the dry time is fast. The glitter heart I also got it a Michael's for just few dollars. I wanted to give extra texture and extra scenery so I placed it outside and took a picture which I then printed. Now that last part is optional you may draw a heart with a crayon, glitter or you might even want to spell out the word "love" its up to you!

3. A week ago i was shopping and stumbled into Hallmark and found this huge card and i though this is the perfect thing for Valentine's day it inexpensive under $15. And the best part about it is that in unusual size which its the perfect thing for this playful holiday.
4.This last gift idea was the most fun yet the most difficult to photograph. As probably you can see the soil level in this is not high. Anyways lets get into the instructions: collect some aluminum cans, wash and remove the outside label. I went with acrylic paints for the fast dry time, for this holiday i went with pink paint and created a color blocked areas throughout the can. To see the end result of how this project turned out head on over to my Instagram to see the final product of how it all looks together. The rest is self explanatory just fill the cans with soil and follow instructions on seed packet of your choice.

A few things to remember... Be creative. Upcycle unconventional items around your home & Have fun! The best part is if you do not like how something turned out you can always ditch it and start all over again.

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