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Here goes another little moments as of the last two weeks. I'm really enjoying this type of post because i feel like it shows what i have been up to. in addition it will be exciting to look back on these type of posts a few years from now. Sort of like a journal but in pictures and online. 

What have you been up to? what have been your recent experiences and what are you looking forward to next? 
^^This is what I've been up to, eating delicious Pizza that is! Ended up going to this local car show called "Hot Rodz & Chili" odd enough I ended up eating the best pizza ever from a local pizza truck. I'm going to hunt this truck down a order a few more of their Margarita Pizza. Can see my excitement in my face?

On another note this beautiful plant has been in full bloom! I absolutely love the pink hues radiating from this indoor easy to take care of plant.

Just this past weekend we went to this outdoor festival in South Florida called MadiGras, and may I say it's so much fun to go. Imagine the biggest out door art gallery with artists from all over the United States featuring their best works and in all different mediums. Some range from photograph on Metal over to oil, acrylic paintings, leather goods, to jewelry and even live music.

^Best food truck noodles! 

Okay, the truth is that this post is a whole week late and i feel terrible about it. I have not been on A game lately here on Wishful Daydream and another truth is that I'm genuinely inspired to to do so much and have all these ideas floating around my head. But here is the thing i have so many ideas yet i do not know where to start and the crazy thing is that it's 2 am in the morning and i am not able to go to bed yet and i think it has something to do with this odd funk. I guess finishing this post is a good place to get the ball rolling huh? Of course it is!! Well here you have guys another round up of some of my favorite things that happened recently.

I'll try to find links to all things I'm wearing. Black midi dress and here is an inexpensive midi dress.  Floral scarf is from many seasons ago from Forever 21 but i found this adorable square scarf that's a perfect transition piece to have in between seasons. My white sleeveless top i got from the clearance rack of Bloomingdale's but I've found this similar tank top. Meanwhile the shorts i purchased so long ago i can not find anything slightly similar to them i have found some affordable structured sorts in a coral pink Old Navy also has them in 2 other colors! My sunglasses are from Tory Burch and while they no longer have this exact same style i did find some similar ones here.

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