5 of the best books i've been reading

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. "This fish never changed his course nor his direction all that night as far as the man could tell from watching the stars." resonates so much with me, its the perfect analogy as to what i aspire to be. Determination by both the fish and the old man they stuck to what they knew best. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and yes i think that the book is way better than the movie. 
P.S.- I made this... I see it. I like it. I make it. by Erica Domesek One of my favorite DIY tutorial from this cute book is this necklace made my only rings. it's a really neat idea to try so I'm collecting rings & it might be a while until I have enough to make this.
Find & Keep by Beci Orpin such a fun book to get decorating inspiration from. i have actually recreated this shape garland there is this post featuring this DIY and many more
Happy Handmade Home by Elise Larson and Emma Chapman I absolutely love this book these lovely ladies are the wonderfully creative minds behind A Beautiful Mess. Their style is vibrant & always very original in a fresh way. Their blog is one of my frequently visited.

I really enjoyed working on this post, as its different form what I've been creating for Wishful Daydream, hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my favorite books. Tell me what are your favorite books, do you only like reading novels, magazines, or only online content? I want to hear it all as id like to venture out from my circle and pick up new reading material, so leave me a comment with your recommendations!!

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