Super cute closet summer staples | Forever 21

Another season is soon approaching and we including myself are in need to super cute staples to be summer ready! as a college student on a budget i need the perfect place to look for amazing trendy products that would not make me broke... obviously I'm talking about forever 21. I decided to do a little research of what items I'd like get before i go to my nearest forever 21. I don't know about you guys but i always feel overwhelmed when i walk into this store, it's always like BAMM!... rack and racks of clothes and i never know where to start looking. This is why i decided to make this collage of items I'd like to purchase or try to find similar stuff i like. 

I've linked all the options up above down below just in case something catches your eyes. My favorite thing I've found online are number these $8.00 cat eye sunglasses they are super trendy right now and i definitely do not want to splurge on an item that i might not be interested in a few weeks. The floral romper is also one of my favorites because it reminds me of this Urban outfitters Kimichi Floral High- Low Dress but at a more affordable price.

6. Cutout Cat Eye Sunglasses  

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