Weekend Getaway Travel Essentials Edition

Vacation season is already amongst us and with that being said so is the planning of them. Are you preparing a national vacation, international vacation, or maybe even a staycation near your home? This website called HomeAway helps you explore & find new travel spots, whatever you pick somewhere near or far you will always feel like at home! You will never have to feel crowded and in a state of limbo staying at a hotel, try HomeAway. To help with ease all the preparations here is some of my must haves and tips. I've team up with HomeAway to bring you 5 of my essentials for a weekend getaway.   

floppy hat! 

I definitely want extra protection form those UV rays. A bonus to hats is that I can hide my crazy and extra frizzy beach hair.

Tinted sunscreen! 

This is an essential for me because who likes having smelly sunscreen on their face *yuck* tinted sunscreen tends not to have that type of chemically smell while still offering to somewhat cover up blemishes and gives protection. Besides when on vacation who wants to pack a full size sunscreen and foundation just combine both, so much time will be saved!!

Everybody loves them, especially for those picky eaters (like myself) having snacks that I know I'll love, like fruits are great options.

Flowy summer dresses!
When trying to pack light as I often do i enjoy bringing cute lightweight dresses that can double as cover ups. Transitioning from day to beach and then to evening this option is very versatile. Put in a little effort to plan outfits that you will love and are easy to accessorize.

Water shoes!
Beaches are always hot thus burning your feet they will end up being sore for a while. They also help when in the ocean you don't know in what you might be stepping on. Make sure you get some with good grip. *story time* Spring break of '15 my FiancĂ© and I went on a Cruise and one of the stop was Ocho Rios, Jamaica and more specifically the Dunn's River Falls which is this beautiful 160 feet high water falls. The purpose was to climb the thing, stepping on rock after rock and slowly but surely you would end up at top of the thing with the most amazing view ever. I ended up slipping and falling on my arm and elbow. I was rushed to the first aid on site and the whole thing turned out to be a nightmare. Looking back on this experience as scared as i was to be in a foreign country and injured it was amazing to experience as I was rushed to onto an ambulance and to get x-rays done i got to see a little bit of the culture there and the amazing scenery that otherwise we would have not experienced.

I would definitely want to visit Jamaica, Ocho Rios, and have a vacation do over. Now if i wanted to stay in the united states i would consider going to Pensacola Beach, Florida or Key West, Florida.

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