Little moments | Life update

Hello, well I'm going to start this post by saying that this post is all over the place and that's that. Truthfully that is my life right now all over the place, I'm transitioning from college to university, finally getting my house in order after it being a mess for the whole spring semester. Trying to open an online shop and stocking it, Which i finally was able to open it so please head on over and check it out and give me some feedback. If you want also to favorite some of my listings.

You know those Wholesale trips that we all make every once in a while to bulk up on food and home goods. Well the only reason I step foot into them is for flowers, they always have great options. If I don't have a need for flowers I refuse not to go. I just get really panicked around crowds hustling and  bustling with their big carts.
Succulents I'm all about them! this one here has grown so much, as you can see here. Let me know of any tips about succulents, I want to learn what has worked for you and what has proven to be a complete fail.

My cute hubby has ordered me the Target Beauty Box for like 3 Months in a row here is one of them. I have been taking pictures of all the samples intending to do a full review of all the items, but do not know if any of you would be interested in that type of stuff. Also it's kind of difficult because some of the samples are not that abundant so I think there would lack of product to review in full. Still let me know what are your thoughts.

The best hand and body lotion from Lush, when buying Lush employees will tell you only use a little bit because that's all you really need. With this product i have learned that if you are only applying the product all you really need. If you are going to apply this product on your legs i suggest do use both hands to really work the product into your skin.
Okay biggest the life update is that i opened a shop, it's called just like my shop "Wishful Daydream".
 I  recently took a calligraphy class by talented Rachel the lady behind Goose and Gemma . Trough her modern calligraphy class she thought the class how to write with a pen and in, brush, and sharpies and different methods and tips on how to achieve all sorts of styles. This is one of the later pieces i have created with my new acquired calligraphy skills. "Go the extra mile it's never crowded" 
"When you stop chasing the wrong things, the right ones catch you." There has been a theme in this post and that is that almost all these pictures are taken outdoor and they somehow have a more cohesive edited theme. I am so happy that i have sort of gotten back into blogging. Once again please check out my shop on Etsy called Wishful Daydream. Also i will soon be sharing many photos from a trip we took to Germany and France, I have many photos and I'm thinking of sharing them in 2 different posts.

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