4 of the Best Pom Pom Sandals on Etsy!

This shoe trend is so cute I'm seeing it everywhere so this is what his post is about a few of the best pom pom sandals or as i like to call them Lollipop sandals. They are so fun and colorful, yes they are a trendy piece and because of that you can chose to wear the heck out of these shoes for the summer or wear them as you wish and make them last so much more. When researching these handmade sandals on Etsy i tried to look for well made products with all sorts of price points so that whatever your budget you would be able to get into this trend. I'm still debating weather or not i should get on this trend send me pictures of you wearing these shoes and how you would style them.

1. Delos Art here $92.06
2. Mimic Design here $85.00
3.Magdy Coque here $78.91
4. Ancient Grecian sandals here $198.00 

There you go guys here are some examples of the pom pom sandals that i've found on Etsy. Want to get more ideas from other fun finds? Check this wedding themed fun finds and this home-y fun finds

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