Best pictures of our Summer Europe are finally here!

Finally our pictures from the one time my husband and i went to Germany and France for two weeks. Overall it was an amazing trip and definitely one to remember forever and ever. And of proof of that i have over 500 pictures, i will say that for a few weeks after we arrived back home from this amazing trip i delayed even getting the SD card out of the damn camera. It was kinda crazy how much i was putting this off, then a little after doing that work got crazy busy and then i started teaching with a summer camp. OKAY now to the present i stopped working so that all my focus would go to school. So finally pictures from our Europe trip are finally ready to be posted here on my blog so, what i will be doing is posting these into multiple posts so that i don't have bazillion photos per post and it will also help with the loading time of each page.

For the most part of the travel pics are of buildings that i thought where cool, my favorite part of traveling was seeing the difference in the Architectural. Everything from the color of the actual building, molding, and the details. So that is what you'll bee seeing for these posts. 

On this trip i defiantly splurged so much and ate so much ice cream and so much pasta and many snacks. I was so much fun not to be watching i was eating and just taste all the different foods. I would say it was kind of though being in a different country and having all the foods be strange and unusual at least to me.  Now i am able to say that I'm experienced German and french cuisine. One of the better German foods/snacks are those huge Pretzels, ohh they are so soft and warm and yummy! They're different from the pretzels from the movies snack bar they're just better and just by think of the ones we had at that German restaurant i can taste and smell them. 

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