Little Moments from this Summer

This post has been so much fun putting together, you know because i love blue. The first is the embroried blouse, little details like that are beautiful to me. These last few weeks have been crazy so many things happening all at once and it has taken a toll on my well being. Hopefully with this this new season i will be able to get back on track and continue with all my projects.

What have you been up to? Working, going to school or relaxing? What are your hobbies? What keeps you busy? And what do you do for fun? The answers to all these questions are different for all of us. No matter what those might be for each of us at the end of it all they have to make us happy.

Live and laugh is a graphic that i created with watercolors, some of the others i have created are posted here on my blog i will link those posts down below. Would any of you bee interested in a supper high quality version that you can use as a phones background/ screen saver?

My first ever Little moments here 

Little Moments life update version here

Little moments lifestyle version here

Last of the little moments of 2015 spent in Texas here

The one with the pineapple here

Thanks for stopping by. Make sure to click through the links up above and see my previous posts. 

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