Meet Bentley - The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Hello everyone meet my puppy Bentley & he has been the most wonderful gift. He brings much joy and laughter to me and my family each and every day. When we are out and about people always ask "what is her name?" i say "His name is Bentley & he is _____ old." Then they say "She is so cute, blah, blah, blah". It never fails ever haha it's kind of annoying but more than anything very funny to see the frequency that it happens.

His favorite foods:
carrots, frozen yogurt, frozen bananas and pumpkin, he doesn’t like his kibble and we are always looking for the best puppy food. We have tried wet canned food but his  feces were always runny and smelly (I know you must be like "Karina pop is supposed to be stinky" but honestly other foods did not make his feces smelly). For the initial transition months, we tried Life's Abundance per the breeder’s recommendation but he refused to eat for a few days. So much so that the vet told us he was underweight yikes right. We have also tried the food enhancements that come in the pouches. Those also did not work and refuses to eat even less. Months later he are doing much better yay! 

His favorite toys:
Any furry plush flexible toys, he carries them everywhere. An orange and blue lightweight ball that's 5 times the size of his head, but he carries and through and tosses that thing everywhere the house through everything. it's so funny he throws it under something and goes in to retract it and his little body fits to go in and out but not to get the ball out, Haha hope you can imagine. hopefully sometime soon I will be able get a video of him doing so it's the funniest thing ever because he just keeps trying and does not give up.

Okayyy... let’s move on.

His favorite things to do:
Follow me or my husband everywhere we go. He also likes to eat flowers, ad dead leafs. He much rather sits on someone's lap than to play around. He likes to go car rides but does not like to look out the window and rather take a nap or just stare down the driver.
Where did he came from? if you live in Florida and are seriously interested in a pure bread The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you may inquire through the contact form at the bottom of my page.

His birthday is? August 26, 2016

Does he shed? He sheds a little after the first few hours only his bath time.

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